Zip Line

Are you afraid of heights? Face the fear and fly over Bovec, where your breath will be taken away by the adrenalin rush and unbelievable scenery of the magical Julian Alps around you.

Can you imagine? 1300 meters above sea level. You are standing on a platform, looking at your guide, a bit scared and nervous for what will happen next. Then he smiles at you and off you go! Suddenly your feet leave the ground and you are 200 meters in the air, flying free as a bird at 60 kph into the unforgettable experience.

Imagine that you can repeat this feeling five different times on five wires 500-700m long. This is our zip line park.

Zip line trip: 2,5 do 3,5 hours.

  • Let yourself fly

    Zip line

    Enjoy the view at 60 kph