Surrounded by magnificent mountains in the beautiful nature rafting is the perfect getaway when visiting Bovec (Soča Valley). With rafting you can see all the hidden spots of Soča river – its emerald pools, fresh rapids and breath-taking views. Our professional guides will provide a safe experience with a lot of fun and enjoyable moments.

The best things about memories is making them that is why our guides are taking photos of you and after trip we send them to you for FREE so you will have that memories captured forever.

We provide all the equipment you will need for trip. You only need to bring your swimming suits, towel and some dry clothes to change after. We take care of the transport from our office/ base (or meeting point we arrange) to the starting point and then back.

Classic white water rafting (adrenaline trip)

Our most popular rafting trip is a perfect choice for the ones who seeks for adrenalin in most exciting rapids and wants to enjoy beautiful nature at the same time. On the way down is a lot of nice emerald pools suitable for swimming and perfect rocks for jumping – the highest one that is suitable for the bravest is ‘’Manhattan’’ rock.

It is achievable for almost everyone.

Your story/ route begin just off the waterfall Boka and after 1,5h – 2 hours you end up below village Trnovo ob Soči. It is the most adventure part you can get here.

Family rafting (panorama trip)

Splash, crash, jump and laugh’’ – this is the best grade 1-2 rafting in the valley. It is a great and safe way to experience the thrill of rafting. The rafting adventure is all about having fun while traveling through the beautiful panorama part on Soča River. In this section you can enjoy clear water and some perfect rocks for jumping into the emerald pools. The stream of Soča takes us through the part of the river where a section of the film Narnia: Prince Caspian was filmed. We also cross a view point on the biggest Slovenian waterfall Boka and highest Slovenian mountain Mt. Triglav.

It is the prefect option for families with younger children and more senior citizens.

Our journey will start in Čezsoča and after 1hour 30min – 2 hours on water we finish in Srpenica 1.

Long rafting (up to 3 hours)

Long rafting is perfect at the beginning of the season when the snow is melting so the river is high enough to do all the sections. The start is in Zmuklica, right after third gorge of Soča River. After 1 hour of 2-3 grades (grade?) we arrive in part Čezsoča – Boka this part is a bit calmer but it gives us the nicest panorama on mountains around. On sunny days you can have nice view on Slovenian highest mountain Mt. Triglav and the Slovenian biggest waterfall Boka. After this more calm part we arrive to the starting point of ‘adrenalin rafting’. In this part you will experience some nice rapids, fast water and the highest ‘Manhattan’ rock to jump off. We will finish below village Trnovo ob Soči. The whole trip will take around 2,5-3 hours on water.