Tandem Paragliding

This thrilling experience full of adrenalin is totally suitable for you if you are adrenalin junkie. It gives you special bird’s eye view on the beautiful nature of Julian Alps.  You don’t need any pre knowledge because you are leaded by guides with years of experiences who will take care of the safe and relax adventure.

Once in the air you will be flying for about 30minutes and if the wind is optimal the guide lets you control the ropes.

You will get an overall from the pilot, but it is required to have running shoes, sunglasses (because of the wind), and camera because we believe every picture has a story to tell and this one is definitely worth telling.

We can offer different mountains for take-off: most often we take you from Mangart (Sedlo), Kanin (Planja) or Stol (above Breginj village). Which one we take depends on the weather conditions (especially wind).

Join us, open the wings of freedom and make your dreams of flying come true.