Canyoning is an activity that allows you to get close and personal with some pure, raw and amazing nature scenery that many have been otherwise inaccessible. We offer a small range of canyoning options to suit most ages and abilities from the first time canyoner, right through to the experiences adventure seeker. Your safety is our top priority closely followed by ensuring we offer you a professional and awesome canyoning experience.

Life is big adventure and trip with Soča Adventure should definitely be a part of it.

Explore our canyons and crystal clear pools using a variety of techniques – natural water slides, pool jumps, abseils (rappelling) and swimming.

No previous experience is necessary and you can choose your level of difficulty – challenge by choise.

All you need to bring is swimming suit, towel and a thirst for adventure.

Sušec canyon

Sušec canyon is located 10min driving from our base, between village Žaga and Srpenica.

Sušec begin with a nice easy walk uphill through the forest (about 30min). When on top the guide will give you every technical instruction to safety go down the canyon. After that you cool down in the first slide of fresh water. The descent will take about 1hour 30min. It is full of natural slides, jumps from 1-7m, slides and some walks in between. At the end, you will discover an unforgettable abseil – 11m waterfall. Not all jumps are mandatory / obligatory.

Everyone (families, children 8+ years and beginners) can enjoy this canyon depending on their own ‘ability’ so it is perfect for a first experience in canyoning.

Join us and enjoy natural ‘Aqua Park’ offered by the nature.


The canyon landscape is unexpected and will let your mind blown. Rock – pools have a very unique shape. Offers lot of abseiling and few high jumps. The last waterfall is 50m high, so it gives you nice abseil.

It is medium difficulty, but you should not be afraid of height and you need to know how to jump into the specific part of pools (guides will show you everything) in order to enjoy this canyon.